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ARAIVR Systems has partnered with Blockchain based Games company Games Interactive

Our production research partner Alexander Mikhalchenko in Moscow,
Russia curates the worlds largest nuclear weapons test archive with 220,000 followers
ARAIVR Systems is proud to have Alexander as a member of our game development team.

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Brother Ibrahim Habeeb represents us in Africa.

1/1/2020 ARAIVR Systems CEO Emma Mendez has released exclusive never before seen
footage of punk icon Marianne 'Poly Styrene' Elliott-Said who led
the band X-Ray Spex.
Poly Styrene is the inspiration for the lead female character
in the AI focused in development computer game
called 'Codename: CALYPSO' and sci-fi feature film 'ATON RA'.
Software engineer, artist, patent filing inventor, musician, writer,
broadcaster, producer, public speaker, animator and director
Aston Walker worked with Marianne from 2001, after working as a systems analyst in the City of London and Europe. Aston designed the website for the MOBO awards in 1997 while working on a Superscape VR
intranet for Dixons Store Group with Oliver Saunders.
Aston was commissioned
by Poly to VJ at her 2008 Camden Roundhouse gig after he made
music videos for MTV and Trouble TV with House 'n' Garage pioneers DEA Project who
produced the hit underground Mariah Carey house 'n' garage remix.
ARAIVR Systems software and hardware engineers
and students from Birmingham City University have successfully
extracted and digitised the rare 2002 interview with Poly Styrene from a miniDV tape
where she talked about the punk movement, Ms. Dynamite and the So Solid crew.

Retrospective feature stories on Poly Styrene recently appeared on the BBC and Forbes.
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11/1/2020 This Is DEAProject

DEA Project are House n G London based producers and pioneers

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General Obsidian is an SDL 2 C++ game with a blockchain sha256 simulation
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Click here for broadcast recording of the Newstyle Radio 98.7 FM radio shows

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Dylan Duffus Actor and Director joins the team for the forthcoming computer game
and feature film 'Nuke Road'

Nuke Road Game development team

Dylan has appeared in the Netflix feature film 'The Intent' and The Intent 2' as well as

the ground breaking Birmingham based crime feature film '1 Day' Directed by Penny Woolcock.
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